One thing is sure – there's nothing that makes you more hungry than doing sport. Since we always want to see our contestants full and happy we prepared for them a list of the best restaurants in the area where they can enjoy specialities of Dalmatian cuisine in the most beautiful environment. Things that you definitely shouldn't miss or, how we like to call them, pearls of Dalmatian cuisine are:

DALMATIAN PROSCIUTTO AND PAG CHEESE – each of these two products with its special flavour tells a different story about Dalmatia, but being put together they become perfect Dalmatian culinary couple. Be careful, every good dinner in Croatia, without exception, must start with with a plate of Dalmatian prosciutto and Pag cheese combined with a glass of local white wine like debit or maraština.

GRILLED FISH – eating grilled fish in Dalmatia is certainly a special culinary experience. Brought to you on a plate it will delight you with some of the very best features of Dalmatia: flavour of the sea, smooth taste of olive oil and final aromatic touch of rosemary.

BRUDET (FISH STEW) – Another traditional Dalmatian dish based on the treasures of the Adriatic sea. In the past this simple dish was known as a meal of fishermen, but nowdays it became a top delicacy that you definitely need to try.

MEAT (LAMB, VEAL ETC.) OR OCTOPUS UNDER THE BELL (ISPOD PEKE) – One of the specialties of Dalmatian kitchen (as you could already notice with grilled fish) is that many fantastic meals are actually very simple –they require only few ingredients and open fire. The taste of meat, fish or vegetables roasted ispod peke is so special and authentic that it will take you right into the past of Dalmatian villages where preparing meals on this way was an everyday activity.

LAMB ON THE SPIT – one of the world's greatest culinary treats prepared on Dalmatian way served with roasted potatoes and salad. Great choice for bigger group of friends.