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Friday 28.04. 09:00 h Zadar

There are numerous places in the World, where the sea is tempting, crystal clear and intense blue, but only Zadar gives you an opportunity to jump in the directly from the city's known promenade and swim in the front of World's famous „Sea Organs“.

Feel the rhythm of the sea while competing with other swimmers, experience the excitement of the fresh sea and award your self with unique experience.Only in Zadar, see you in April 2017.



Starting from “obala Petra Krešimira IV" between Foša and Sea Organ – unique instalation, that will cheer you with sounds of sea. The route lenght is 1500 meters, shaped as traingle. Swimming two rows, finnishing the marathon after 3000 meters.

Start is at the northen side of the gate, swimming anticlockwise, further on the track will be market with buoy). Passing buoy with left shoulder. Finish line will be placed at the southern part of the gate and it will be marked out.
By the buoys boats with judges will be placed.


Male & Female, 3 places

* Award for 1st and 2nd place is not valid to use between 15th of June and 15th of September

Admission fees

Price includes: Marathon organisation, Registration Nummber, Emergency team, T-shirt/Swimming cap, Tea and fruit snacks, Insurance, Award. Prices in Euros are approximate and depend on the exchange rate

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Arsenal Zadar (main entrance):
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27.04. THU – 12:00-20:00 h

Caffe bar Lovre (People's square):
28.04. FRI – 7:00-20:00 h

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29.04. SAT – 8:00-20:00 h
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