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Saturday 11.05. 10:30 h Petrčane › Vir

Add a little bit of competitive excitement to your sightseeing experience and join recreational bikers from all over the world in 3rd edition of MTB race Petrčane – Vir. Spend a fun day with your friends and family and enjoy spectacular sceneries of Zadar and its surroundings from a whole new perspective. Feel the joy of cycling while pedaling along the seaside with thesun on your face and the wind in your hair.

ZOF crewhas prepared “ 2019 MTB Cross Country“ race for all MTB race lovers. The race starts from Petrčane to Zaton, Privlaka, Nin and ends at Vir. Route combines asphalt, gravel and pebble trails and paths which makes it interesting for all the MTB fans. Trail goes through picturesque villages along the coast line which enables you to enjoy fantastic scenery.

Zadar and its surroundings is great for cycling so come with your friends and be a part of Zadar Outdoor Festival 2019!



The race starts in Petrčane from the magnificent site of King’s Vineyards. The gravel road begins immediately at the start. The route also passes through the ex military barracks Šepurine and after approximately 5 kilometers the competitors arrive at Zaton, famous tourist village where the beautiful beach is a proud holder of the Blue flag for cleanliness and water quality. Following the gravel road parallel with the main road the route leads competitors to Nin, one of the most important cities in the history of Croatia. In this part, the route follows a walking path by the seaside and then it connects to a narrow gravel road. On a few occassions there are bigger routes which need to be carefully crossed over. The route also passes over a sandy beach. Around the 15th kilometer the route exits on the main road where competitors need to be cautious and aware of the traffic. The main road takes us over the Vir bridge after which the route connects to a gravel road. Competitors are then off to a narrow rocky trail which brings them to the seaside. The last few kilometers takes the competitors on both asphalt and gravel road. The end of the race is in Vir, a village on the island with the same name.

Announcement of winners will be soon after, accompanied by music and great food. 

But…it does not end here…Join us in the evening at newly opened Guma Bar which immediately became most popular bar in town; we’re gonna have a great party!!


Competition takes place in the categories:

  • men
  • women

For each category award goes to first three places with best time.


Race is of a recreational nature and the route is suitable for recrenational cyclists.


Competition lasts around 1,5 hour, depending on the physical abilities of competitors.


  • MTB
  • Bottle of water
  • Suncream
  • Helmet
  • Windproof jacket (depending on weather)



The start is scheduled for 10:30 am from Petrčane, Kraljevski Vinogradi


During the festival, there will be a variety of workshops in which you can participate, additional parties and interesting lectures.

Info Point

Our Info Point is located on Narodni trg, behind the Lovre caffe bar. Info Point is open May 9th from 14:00 until 20:00 h, and in May 10th – 12th from 08:00 until 20:00 h (Sunday until 14:00 h).
At Info Point you can pick up your starting packages, as well as get any additional info you may need.


Male & Female, 3 places

1st place women 2 overnights for 2 persons in Hotel Pinija, Petrčane
1st place men 2 overnights for 2 persons in 4* downtown apartments, Zadar
2nd place women Biking tour through the islands
2nd place men Biking tour through the islands
3rd place women Zadar Outdoor gift bag
3rd place men Zadar Outdoor gift bag


Admission fees

Price includes: race organisation, registration number, ZOF T-shirt, emergency team, insurance, awards.

Important notice for participants

Terms and rules of the race

Registered participants

First name Last name Country Activities
Vladislav Prostran Škola trčanja Zadar
Pavol Husár Bratislava
Sabina Rzepka Cyklosport Boleslawiec
Jacek Domowicz Cyklosport Boleslawiec
Daniel Anušić AK Plitvice
Vjeko Ivaniš
Tanja Barišić BK Fortica
Marina Kazija BBK Pakoštane
Antoine Lejeune
Frane Vuica Bk Relaks
Anamarija Čevanić Tim
Roberto Peccolo
Hrvoje Kohn
Oliver Milosevic
Martin Gulan
Domagoj Govorčinović
Mateo Uravić
Zvonimir Šapina
Filip Domazet
Hrvoje Ćulumović
Marko Švajda
Mario Pepić
Josip Gibicar
Josip Ramljak BK Ljubuški
Mario Šarac BK Ljubuški
Mirko Luburić BK Ljubuški
Valentina Kristic
Toni Milković
Dino Jović
Marin Jovic
Mateo Čuvalo BK Ljubuški
Silvija Orlović BK AKS
Bruno Rudić BK Macaklin
Luka Škara BK Zadar
Roko Sestan BK Zadar
Jurica Ropuš BK ZADAR
Piotr Witeska CST 7R MTB Team
Paulo Grgić Biciklistički klub Zadar
Miro Jaman Biciiklisticki klub Zadar
Nicolas Gojkovic Bk Zadar
Hrvoje Mudrovčić
Neven Radonić
Fran Rubinić BK Zadar
Josip Žitković Bbk Pakoštane
Romeo Fantina E-BIKE ZADAR
Vijeko Fantina E-BIKE ZADAR
Yvonne Richner Skiljic BBKP
Marin Fantina BBK Pakoštane
Željko Krajcar BBK Pakoštane
Marin Zorica BBK Pakoštane
Robert Revesz
Roko Šintić BK Zadar
Roko Fržop BBK Orlov krug
Davor Blaskovic
Heineken 0.0
Zadar Airport Liburnija Zadar Jadrolinija Gradsko društvo Crvenog križa Zadar