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Saturday 09.05. 18:30 h Zadar

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Saturday 09.05. 18:30 h Zadar

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Saturday 09.05. 18:00 h

Join us on Sunset run and experience unique adventure in Zadar! We expect you on May 9th 2020 to run on one of the most beautiful seaside races with views over the 3000 year old town of Zadar; town that has survived numerous attacks only to come stronger each time, like a phoenix arising from the ashes. Run with us and run into the most spectacular sunset followed by sounds of the famous Sea Organ. Unique experience that will stay in your memory for a lifetime. We have 3 races for you: 700 m - for the youngest ones, and those that feel that way; 5 km - for little more adventurous; 10 km - pushing a limit a bit further...


The start for all participants is at the Greeting to the Sun. At 17:30 there is an organized warm-up for everybody before the start signal for 700m race goes off at 18:00. 5K & 10K races start as soon as all the participants of 700m race have entered the Finish line.

700 m race starts at the Greeting to the Sun by the sea and towards the bridge. It turns right immediately after the red house of the Port Authority, and in front of the Arsenal in order to get back to the seaside street and into the Finish line! Participants to the 5K & 10K races start from the Greeting to the Sun, continue along the inner side of the promenade and cross over one of the most famous sights in Zadar – the bridge, and then continue left towards the main harbor in Zadar. The competitors run along the seaside most of the race, and after 2,5 km is the turning point for the competitors running 5 km. To be more precise, the turning point is at the Marex beach. The competitors running 10 km continue running along the seaside and pass by the most beautiful and famous beaches in Zadar until they come to the Beach bar Bamboo at Puntamika where they turn around and follow the same route back to the finish line. The finish line for both disciplines is at the Greeting to the Sun, just in time to enjoy the most beautiful sunset in the world, according to Alfred Hitchcock and many others.

Zadar sunset run 5 km

Zadar sunset run 10 km

Info Point

Our Info Point is located on Narodni trg, behind Lovre caffe bar. Info Point is open May 8th and 9th  from 09:00 until 20:00 h.
At Info Point you can pick up your starting packages, as well as get any additional info you may need.

Admission fees

Zadar sunset run 5 km

Zadar sunset run 10 km

Zadar Sunset Run 700 m

Price includes: race organisation, ZOF T-shirts, refreshment, emergency team, insurance, awards.

Important notice for participants

ZADAR SUNSET RUN - 700 m, 5 K & 10 K

DATE: 09.05.2020

START: 18:00/18:30 h (warming up at 17:30 h)


Pick up of the start number and start packet is possible with the presentation of a personal document. Pick up of the start number for another person is only possible by presenting a person's personal document. The pick up of the starter packages for both races is at INFO POINT in the Café bar Lovre, People's Square 1, 23000 Zadar. Opening hours of Info point: 08.05, & 09.05. from 09:00-20:00. Pick up of the start numbers outside of working hours is not possible.

Starting package content: Start number, ZOF t-shirt, wardrobe storage bags, gifts from sponsors, voucher for drink in GUMA bar.



The finish line of both races is in the same place as the start.

Children's race (700 m) starts at 18:00 h with start and finish at the Greeting to the Sun. After all the participants have entered the finish line start will be announced for 5 K & 10 K races. Competitors at the 5 K race do a turn at 2.5 K at Cafe Bar Marex (visible mark) and return by the same route back, while competitors at the 10 K race are making a turn on Puntamika and returning by the same route back. After entering the finish it is not allowed to linger in the finish zone!

The refreshments for participants are insured at 2.5 K, 5 K and after the finish line.

Timing: All runners get a starting number. The runner's number is read at the START and on the FINISH. The results will be published on the organizers ' pages.

Wardrobe: A wardrobe for storing personal belongings for the duration of the race is ensured in the immediate vicinity of the start/finish, in a parked vehicle. Storage is possible only in the bag which is part of the starter package and upon presenting the starting number. The wardrobe is open from 17:00 to 21:00. For unclaimed items in the specified time, it is necessary to contact the organizer's representative at the contact number + 385 98 220 970.

Public TOILET is located 300 m from the start/finish line at the address Obala Kralja Petra Krešimira IV.


Competitors  who come from outside Zadar, please plan your arrival to Zadar as early as possible, or latest until Saturday at 15:00 H. Part of the traffic in the city center closes for the purpose of the race from 18:00 H to 20:00 H. When you arrive in Zadar, you can park your vehicle on Parking lot on Ravnice, about 1.2 km from the race start/finish.

Registered participants

First name Last name Country Activities
Snjezana Rak
Ina Maletić
Željko Šarić MK Festina Lente
Maria Rodakova
Pavol Husar
Dragan Matošević rekreativac
Stipe Stagličić Škola trčanja Zadar
Zadar Airport Liburnija Zadar Jadrolinija Gradsko društvo Crvenog križa Zadar