Collaboration between Zadar Outdoor Festival and Dubrovnik Outdoor Festival

It is not a novelty that, in the last few years, active vacation has become very popular and one of the most interesting forms of travel for all kinds of tourists – from families with children to older people who are still active. Driven by that fact, two Dalmatian cities, Zadar and Dubrovnik, decided to use the potential hiding in their regions in the best  way possible – through sport and being in nature with a goal of prolonging the tourist season and making everyone aware, both people who live there and foreigners, of the beauties surrounding them.

Both Zadar Outdoor Festival and Dubrovnik Outdoor Festival will be held for the second time this year, one after another – Zadar Outdoor Festival from the 11th to the 13th of May, and Dubrovnik Outdoor Festival right after, from the 14th to the 20th of May. The vision of both festivals is to promote an active and healthy lifestyle through various activities in nature such as trail, running, kayak, climbing and many others in order to give everybody the opportunity to enjoy the stunning nature of both Dubrovnik and Zadar region as well as to change the typical way of seeing the two most famous Croatian tourist cities.

Along with the competitive disciplines in which the competitors not only bring a little boost of adrenaline to their vacation or their daily routines, but also have a chance to win worthy prizes, both festivals have a rich programme outside of the competitons. Zadar Outdoor Festival, except for the 8 competitive disciplines in which everybody can participate, offers yoga, slackline and parkour workshops led by professionals in their field in order to give you a new, different experience! The concept of Dubrovnik Outdoor Festival is that it combines competitive disciplines and education. Regarding the education part of the festival, the Croatian Chamber of Economy in collaboration with the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service will organize an adventure tourism workshop for guides, ISKGA will organize training for all sea kayak guides and there will also be a seminar about adventure tourism.

Another interesting thing that may be appealing to all of the adventurers and everybody seeking for something new and different is that one of the prizes you can win at Zadar Outdoor Festival is a stay at a very special hotel – a tree house! Dubrovnik Outdoor Festival partly takes place in Cadmos Village, an adventure park near Dubrovnik and is famous for its possibility to stay at a unique tree house, interesting for both campers and those in search for a bit more comfort, a.k.a glampers.

Applications for both festivals have already started and are coming from Sweden, Norway, UK... These 10 days in Zadar and Dubrovnik will, without a doubt, be a unique get-together of adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts ready to meet Dubrovnik and Zadar region in a different way!

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