SUP race - open class Apply for this event

Sunday 25.09. 09:30 h Preko, otok Ugljan, na Mulu 18 (by main post office)

SUPer Sunday for all SUP lovers! 

Get to know SUP, fastest growing sport in the last decade. We are preparing an amazing, thrilling course for you!

SUPer Surfers Challenge Zadar invites you to have a SUPer day for all those interested in learning how to do Stand Up Paddling. Program is appropriate for all ages interested, from 7 to 77.

Surf Shop - all participants and their guests will be rewarded with special ZOF discount on all purchased SUP items and accessories!

Come, learn, compete and have a good time!

SUPer SUNday Zadar region!

SUP route

Join us and have fun! Parents bring children, kids bring your parents and try SUP together – stand up paddling on a board.

Rules of participation

SUPer Surfers Challenge Zadar starts on Sunday, 25.09.2022 at 09:30 h from center of Preko village, by post office, na Mulu 18, island Ugljan.


Boards and paddles

I don't have a board - Surfmania team provides inflatable boards and paddles for all participants.

I have a board - this is a race exclusively using inflatable boards length up to 12.6''

Refreshment for the participants is insured (water, tea, fruit).

All competitors must be minimum 14 years of age.

Competitors under the age of 18 are only allowed to participate with the written approval of an adult who is responsible for the underaged competitor.

Start packages

Start packages can be picked up at INFO POINT. 

Our INFO POINT will be open for you main location as follows: 

Saturday, 24.09. from 8:00 to 18:00 h by main post office, na Mulu 18, 23273 Preko, Ugljan island.

Sunday, 25.09. from 08:00 to 14:00 h by main post office, na Mulu 18, 23273 Preko, Ugljan island.

A personal document is required in order to take over the starting number and the starting package. It is possible for another person to take over the starting package, but only by presenting a competitor's personal document. It is impossible to take over the starting packages outside of THE INFO POINT opening hours.

The contents of the starting package: Start number, ZOF T-shirt, bag for storing personal belongings in the wardrobe, beverage bottle, sponsor gifts.


All competitors get a start number. The start number for all races must be visible throughout the entire race, and must be worn on the front side of the shirt of the competitors.

The competitors' passing is registered at START and at the FINISH.  The results of the race will be released immediately upon completion of the race on the organizer's website.



The wardrobe for storing personal belongings for the duration of the race is ensured in the immediate vicinity of the start/finish. Storage is possible only in the bag which is part of the starting package, and pick up only upon presenting the starting number. The wardrobe is open from 17:00 to 20:00. For unclaimed items in due time, it is necessary to contact the organizer's representative at following contact number + 385 98 220 970.

By paying the registration fee, the competitor confirms that he accepts the rules and the application is considered valid.

In case of no show of failure to enter the competition, the paid money is not refunded.

Admission fees

SUP race - open class

Price includes: Start number, ZOF T-shirt, bag for storing personal belongings in the wardrobe, beverage bottle, sponsor gifts..

Registered participants

First name Last name Country Activities
Rajna Sosic Klindzic
Franko Bajlo
Mina Mikec 3S Zadar
Karla Mikec
Ljubica Kulaš 3S Zadar
Mihovil Budanko Atletski klub Knin
Marin Grgurović
Luka Dunatov
Goran Špaleta
Martina Barešić


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