ZOF Olive island Trail 8,7 km Apply for this event

Saturday 11.05. 10:30 h Preko, otok Ugljan

ZOF Olive island Trail 20,6 Km Apply for this event

Saturday 11.05. 10:30 h Preko, otok Ugljan

For all outdoor activity lovers Zadar Outdoor Festival has prepared something special - trail race on Ugljan island.
There are two trails, shorter one is 8,7 km long and longer one is 20,6 km long which means this trail race is suitable for both amateurs and competitors. You will have the chance to demonstrate your sports skills but also to discover ancient olive groves and to enjoy the view on the beautiful clear sea of Zadar channel.

Join us in May 2019. and discover Ugljan – the olive island!


We have fallen in love with diversity of island Ugljan's nature; stone, earth, forest, sea; they all exchange during our trails. Try them out and enjoy the richness of island's nature. You can choose between 8,7 km and 20,6 km trail. Shorter one is great for families and those up for some light recreation, while longer one will challenge tougher ones in pursuit of new scenery.

All participants will gather on Ugljan island, in Preko village, on the main square. This is the starting point as well as finish line for both trails.

Trails are marked at all crossings, and at crossroads you need to follow the official mountaineers signs.

You can view both trails in detail below.

GREAT NEWS: for children up to 12 yrs participation is free of charge (parent or other adult supervision obligatory).

ZOF Olive island Trail 8,7 km

ZOF Olive island Trail 20,6 Km


1. Competitors must follow the marked path according to their category. It is forbidden to use roads outside the track and to cross the track.
2. Competitors compete at their own risk.
3. Competitors must carry all obligatory equipment.
4. Competitors must wear a start number throughout the race, on the chest or abdomen area.
5. Competitors must perforate foreseen marks on their start number in accordance to their category.
6. Competitors must abide the traffic rules as the race, in some parts, crosses official roads.
7. Competitors must comply with all instructions from official persons at checkpoints, road crossings and all other locations.
8. All competitors that withdraw from the race are obliged to notify the organizer by sending SMS with their competitor's number, name and surname.
9. All juveniles may participate solely with the escort and the responsibility of their parents, or relatives.
10. For non-compliance with these rules, the competitors will be disqualified.
11. The organizer is not liable for any damage or loss of property.


1. A cell phone with charged batteries and a cell phone number registered in the application form
2. First aid kit (bandage, gauze, patches)
3. Map (provided by the organizer)
4. Water 1.5 l

Info Point

Our Info Point is located on Narodni trg, behind the Lovre caffe bar. Info Point is open May 9th from 14:00 until 20:00 h, and in May 10th -12th from 08:00 until 20:00 h (Sunday until 14:00 h).
At Info Point you can pick up your starting packages, as well as get any additional info you may need.


Male & Female, 3 places

Please stay tuned for announcement of great prizes in 2019!


Free transport by Liburnija buses from the main bus station to Gaženica ferry port will be organized for the competotors in order to arrive on time.
The ferry from Gaženica to Preko starts at 7:30 / 8:30 / 9:30
Ship from Zadar (City port) to Preko starts at 7:35 / 9:30
Jadrolinija approves 30% discount to all the participants of the Zadar Outdoor Festival on Saturday, May 11th. This discount will be available upon presentation of the festival bracelet.
The full schedule of the ferries and ships to Preko can be found here

Admission fees

ZOF Olive island Trail 8,7 km

ZOF Olive island Trail 20,6 Km

Price includes: race organisation, race participation, ZOF T-shirt, start number, official time measurement, refreshment, lunch, emergency team, insurance, awards.

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