Olive Island Trail 5 km - Bonaca 23.09.2023 - 20 € Apply for this event  

Saturday 23.09. 10:30 h Preko, otok Ugljan

Olive Island Trail 10 km - Mareta 23.09.2023 - 25 € Apply for this event  

Saturday 23.09. 10:30 h Preko, otok Ugljan

Olive Island Trail 18 km - Fortunal 23.09.2023 - 25 € Apply for this event  

Saturday 23.09. 10:00 h Preko, otok Ugljan

All lovers of outdoor activities are waiting for the fifth edition of the Olive Island Trail in Ugljan. The island of Ugljan delighted us with its diversity of nature, so every year we try to offer you different paths that stretch through beautiful olive groves, dry walls and paths, and the view of the nearby islands and the Zadar canal leaves you breathless again and again!

Three tracks are planned, 5 km long (Bonaca trail), 10 km (Mareta trail) and 18 km (Fortunal trail), so the race will be equally enjoyed by amateurs as well as those who want bigger sporting challenges.

We named our trails according to known weather conditions that change most often on our sea. Trail Bonaca - silence, silence on the sea without waves is the simplest category and is ideal for families with children, beginners who are not in enviable physical condition, and retirees in good health. Mareta - a slightly rough sea, is a medium-demanding category that will be enjoyed by recreationists of medium fitness. Trail Fortunal, as its name suggests - a storm at sea with high waves, is the most demanding category and we recommend it only to experienced trail runners.

Rules of participation


ZOF Trail races (5 km, 10 km and 18 km) as part of ZADAR OUTDOOR FESTIVAL are organized by the agency Break a leg, in co-organization with the Municipality of Preko and the Tourist Board of the Municipality of Preko. All races start on Saturday 23.09.2023. in front of the main post office, at address na Mulu 18, Preko on the island of Ugljan.

All persons who meet the following requirements may participate in the races:
- 18 years old
- persons aged 14-18 years can participate if they have a license signed by a parent or a guardian
- competitors under the age of 14 may participate accompanied by an adult responsible for the minor competitor and with a signed permission to participate from a parent or guardian
- permission for minors (document ''Parent’s Statement) can be downloaded on the link, or you can fill it out when registering before the start of the race LINK TO STATEMENT
- have adequate psycho-physical fitness for long-term efforts and activities in nature
- have applied for the race (have completed online form at www.stotinka + have paid the registration fee)
By registering, the competitor directly agrees to compete in the race at his own risk, that he/she is familiar with the rules and regulations of the race, which he/she will adhere to as well as the possible risks that the competitions contain.
By registering, the competitor declares that he is familiar with the list of RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT, extremely important for his personal safety and that by not wearing it he exposes himself to an increased risk of dehydration, hypothermia, inability to repair injuries, inability to call for help, inability to help injured competitors, inability to contact the organizer and even death. By registering, the competitor waives the possibility of transferring responsibility to the organizer of the race, as well as to other competitors or third parties. By registering, the competitor confirms that he/she is in the appropriate psycho-physical condition appropriate for this type of competition.

List of equipment recommended by the organizer to all competitors, regardless of the length of the race:
- backpack or belt around the waist
- bottle with a minimum of 0.5 l of liquid at the start
- food (gel, energy bar,...)
- first aid kit (min: 1 elastic bandage, 1 first bandage, 2 compresses, patches of different sizes)
- mobile phone (on, with battery charged and memorized numbers of the organizer)
Recommended equipment / according to weather conditions:
- rain/wind/sun protection clothing
- sunscreen
- spare clothes

When confirming registrations, each competitor will receive a bib number. The bib number must be worn throughout the race, on the upper body, front, it must not be covered and must be clearly visible (it is not allowed to wear the bib number on the legs, back, backpack, on the sides).
Each bib number has a prominent contact phone of the organizer in case of an emergency call.

Wardrobe for storing personal belongings for the duration of the race is provided in the immediate vicinity of the Start / Finish line of the race. Storage is possible only in a bag that is part of the start package and with the presentation of the bib number at handover and pick-up. For uncollected items within the specified time, it is necessary to contact the representative of the organizer at the following contact number +385 98 220 970.

The races have refreshment stations with drinks and food (or just drinks). There are organizers at the stations.
Each competitor must take care that he/she has plenty of fluids/food until the next refreshment station.
There are no single-use plastic/paper cups on refreshment stations. Each competitor should have their own cup/bottle to be able to consume a drink that is found on the refreshment stations.
At the FINISH line, LUNCH is provided for all competitors.

Several checkpoints will be marked at each trail. At some checkpoints there will be a representative of the organizer, while at the other checkpoints there will a perforator to be used on marked spot on the bib number.
The passing of runners is marked at the START and at the entrance to the FINISH LINE. At the finish line, the bib number will be checked for all perforations. The results of the race will be published immediately after the end of the race on the organizer's website.

The 5 km long trail will be marked with GREEN tags, the 10 km long trail will be marked with YELLOW tags, and the 18 km long trail will be marked with RED tags.
Races pass through forest paths, paths and macadam roads and partly on asphalt.

The time to finish the race is limited. In order for a competitor to be included in the official ranking, the race must be completed within a certain time limit (3 hours for a 5 km trail, 4 hours for a 10 km trail and 5 hours for an 18 km trail).
Competitors who decide to quit the race must do the following:
- inform the organizer about the withdrawal at the nearest refreshment station or
- return to the start / finish line and inform the organizer of the withdrawal or
- inform the organizer of the withdrawal via mobile phone (displayed on the bib number)
If the withdrawal is caused by an injury and if the competitor is not able to continue to the nearest refreshment station or finish line of the race, the competitor is obliged to contact the organizer via mobile phone / with the help of other competitors on the number indicated on the bib number. Upon receipt of the information, the organizer will activate the medical and rescue service on duty.

The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the track, refreshment stations at any time and without prior notice. Any changes will be announced on the race's official website.

By paying the registration fee, the competitor confirms that he accepts these rules and the application is considered valid.
In case of a no-show at the race, the registration fee is not refunded.

Races are held in nature and accordingly it is mandatory to adhere to the basic rules of nature and environmental protection and to respect the rules of conduct in protected natural areas. During the race, competitors must not pollute the environment and destroy the surrounding flora and fauna, do not throw waste on the race track and dispose of garbage at any destination between the start and finish of the race, except at refreshment stations.
Let's be attentive to nature, preserve it and enjoy its most beautiful form!

By registering for the race, the competitors agree that the entire video and photo material can be publicly displayed and used for promotional purposes of the race. The race organizer reserves all rights to use, copy and distribute all recorded video and photo materials.

Ferry from Zadar (Gaženica) to Preko departing at 7:30 / 8:30
Boat from Zadar (from the peninsula) to Preko departing at 7:35
Ferry from Preko to Zadar (Gaženica) departing at 14:30 / 15:30 / 16:00 / 17:20 / 18.40
Boat from Preko to Zadar (peninsula) departing at 14:00 / 17:25
When exiting the ferry or boat, competitors need to turn right towards the center of Preko and then continue along the sea promenade for a 20-minute walk to the START (na Mulu 18, by main post office)
Jadrolinija grants a 30% discount to all participants of the Zadar Outdoor Festival who are joining the trail on Saturday. Please present confirmation of participation.

START PACKAGES can be collected at the main location:
Saturday, 23.09. from 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. at the INFO CENTER near the main post office, Na Mulu 18, 23273 Preko, island of Ugljan.
To collect the start number and start package, it is mandatory to present a personal document. Downloading the start number for another person is only possible upon presentation of the personal document of the registered person.
Content of the start package: start number, competition T-shirt, bag for storing personal belongings in the wardrobe, bottle of drink, gifts from sponsors.

ZOF Olive island Trail 5 km

ZOF Olive island Trail 10 km

ZOF Olive island Trail 5 km

ZOF Olive island Trail 10 km

ZOF Olive island Trail 18 km

ZOF Olive island Trail 18 km 

Distance: 18,2 km

Total Ascent:  1040 nmv

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