Apart from exciting races, Zadar Outdoor Festival will offer you a very interesting educational program that will include great variety of workshops conducted by experts in sport, recreation and adventure.

We will use sit-on-top kayaks which usually come in 1-4 paddler configurations. Sit-on-top kayaks are particularly popular for fishing and scuba diving, since participants can easily enter and exit the water, change seating positions, and access hatches and storage wells. Ordinarily the seat of a sit-on-top is slightly above water level, so the center of gravity for the paddler is higher than in a traditional kayak. To compensate for the higher center of gravity, sit-on-tops are often wider and slower than a traditional kayak of the same length.

Join Zadar Outdoor Festival and take free lessons in kayak paddling. 


Cost: Free
Apply for an activity Places: 20

LEADS: Balansa

LANGUAGE: Croatian/English

What to bring: comfortable clothes

Location: Perivoj kraljice Jelene Madijevke: find your balance and enjoy historic beauties of Zadar ...

Suitable for everyone.

Put your skills, beliefs and difficulties on a thin line, and observe what happens in your head! There's a magic going on out of your comfort zone!

We invite you to the balance workshop in Zadar. A long term slackliner, an explorer of balance training's positive effects, Miha Škof from Balansa slackline, Ljubljana, will introduce physical-mental training to anyone who wants to increase stability and reaction of muscles, strengthen the central part of the body and thus achieve better control, supervision, coordination of the body, and to correct his posture and balance. You will play with your sense or intuition, learn how to be relaxed and persistent in difficult situations and will achieve a higher level of concentration and the concept of flow.

The degree and content of the workshop is adjusted to personal opportunities, and for this reason it is suitable for all ages (as well as for those who never tried this skill ). In our workshops even complete beginners learn how to walk independently at at least 3m, so don't worry!

You only need to bring relaxed clothes and sneekers with flat soles. There will be a limited amount of space, providing space for 15 people at the workshop, so don’t wait too long to sign up.

More info about Balansa and slacklining:

Cost: 70,00kn (€9.33)
Apply for an activity Places: 15

Organizator: Mountaineering Association Paklenica’s sport climbing section

Sport climbing is a sport where the climber's own physical strength and skill are relied on to accomplish the climb. All technical means are used exclusively for protection against injury in case of a fall. It is well known that climbing has a number of positive effects: physical development and the development of motor skills (endurance, flexibility, coordination, balance); improves focus, improves confidence, favors addressing own fear of heights.

You could say that in recent years the sport entered its "mature" phase - there has been an incredible increase in interest in the sport, worldwide hundreds and thousands of climbing gyms are opened, there is a growing number of professional sport climbers and interest of sponsors and investors is growing rapidly. The pinnacle of it all has happened last year when the decision has been made to include sport climbing in the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics program.

During the one-day workshop we will introduce you to: history of sport climbing; relevant equipment and its proper use; climbing techniques - the use of hands and foots in moving upwards using different hand holds and foot holds; types of ascent; sports competitions; grading and descriptions of climbing routes and many other things. In the second part of the workshop, each participant will try to overcome several routes on the vertical medieval walls using only their hands and feet in a completely safe and controlled environment (so-called "top rope" climbing), belayed by competent instructors.

LANGUAGE: English / Croatian

WHAT TO BRING: Comfortable clothes

WHERE: Five Wells Square and Foša

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: limited (prior registration is required)

Suitable for anyone over 18 years of age

Cost: 70,00kn (€9.33)
Apply for an activity Places: 15

LEADS: instructor from Yoga studio Leela

What to bring : comfortable clothes, yoga mat


Suitable for everyone

Cost: Free
Apply for an activity Places: 40