Saturday 23.09. 14:00 h Željina litica - St Michael fortress, Preko, Island Ugljan

The competition in sports climbing will be held on the cliff Željina, at the foot of St. Mihovil, on the island of Ugljan. This three hundred meters wide rocky barrier, with a height of 10 to 60 meters, is characterized by gray compact plates and red and yellow "shady" overhangs.

The location currently has 30 climbing routes ranging from beginner to relatively demanding. The ambience at the foot of the cliff among holm oak forests and ancient olive trees is special, and an additional charm is given by clear views of the Zadar archipelago, primarily the islands of Iz and Dugi otok.

The sport climbing competition will take place in one climbing direction. Competitors climb secured from above (so-called top rope), and the criterion for determining the position of competitors in the overall standings represents the time needed to successfully master the direction. Sport climbing has a number of positive effects: physical development of the body and the development of motor skills (endurance, flexibility, coordination, balance); improves focus, strengthens self-confidence, favors the overcoming of fear of heights.

Regardless of whether you are an experienced climber, or just a beginner who will try this attractive outdoor discipline for the first time, you will enjoy the beautiful ambience and untouched nature of the island of Ugljan!

Just before the sports climbing competition, a free climbing workshop will be held, so you can practice a little or try this interesting sports discipline for the first time.

LOCATION: Cliff Željina, St. Mihovil, Island Ugljan

The Cliff Željina at the foot of St. Mihovil on the island of Ugljan is a three hundred meters wide rocky barrier with a height of 10m to as much as 60m, and is characterized by both gray compact plates and red and yellow "shrouded" overhangs. For now, the location offers 30 sports climbing routes ranging from beginners to relatively demanding, and there is at least as much potentially new ones.



Through a half-day workshop we will introduce you to: the definition of sport climbing; equipment and its proper use; climbing techniques; types of ascents; ratings and descriptions of climbs and many other things.

In the second part of the workshop, each participant will under completely safe and controlled conditions (so-called " top rope" climbing) try to master some of the directions within the climbing site Cliff Željina at the foot of St. Mihovil. The climbing location is on the northernmost sector called "Đigi bau" where 5 directions of weight from 4c to 5c are arranged.


Speed climbing competition on one climbing direction. It is a competition in which competitors climb secured from above (the so-called top rope) and in which the criterion for determining the position of competitors in the overall standings represents the time needed to successfully master the direction. The climb time covers the time from the start signal of the referee to the moment when the competitor touches the end of the direction marked by the metal anchor with one hand.

LANGUAGE: English 

WHAT TO BRING: Comfortable clothes

WHERE: Climbing area Željina litica at the at the foot of St. Michael's, Preko Village, Ugljan Island

WHEN: 23.09.2023. 14:00 – 17:00

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: limited (small groups; reservation required)

Suitable for anyone aged 18 and above 


Start packages

Our INFO POINT will be open for you at main location as follows: 

Saturday, 23.09. from 8:00 to 12:00 h by main post office, 23273 Preko, Ugljan island.

Organised transfer to St Michael's Fortress starts at 09:00 h (for the workshop), and at 12:30 h (for competition) in front of the INFO POINT. 

Return transfer is at 15:00 h and 17:30 h  

NOTICE: from St Michael's Fortress until Željina litica there is a walking path which will take you about 20 min. 

A personal document is required in order to take over the starting number and the starting package. It is possible for another person to take over the starting package, but only by presenting a competitor's personal document. It is impossible to take over the starting packages outside of THE INFO POINT opening hours.

The contents of the starting package: Start number, ZOF T-shirt, bag for storing personal belongings in the wardrobe, beverage bottle, sponsor gifts.


All competitors will get a start number. The start number must be visible throughout the entire competition, and must be worn on the back side of the shirt or trousers of the competitors. The results of the competition will be released immediately upon completion of the race on the organizer's website.

Eco rules

We encourage competitors to carry their own water bottle, which can be used repeatedly. Water will be provided at the check point, but NO plastic cups. Competitors during the competition must not pollute the environment and destroy the surrounding flora and fauna, they must not dispose of waste on the track and dispose of the rubbish at any destination except on the check points. We preserve nature for future climbers.

Medals are insured as well as sponzors' prizes for first 3 places (men and women) for each race.

By paying the registration fee, the competitor confirms that he accepts the rules and the application is considered valid.

In case of no show of failure to enter the competition, the paid money is not refunded.



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