Jump around with Skochypstiks!

Have you ever heard of parkour? Get ready to experience something new, different and a bit crazy – in all the good ways.

Parkour is a training discipline based on free movement with a goal of overcoming obstacles.

There is no other sport such as parkour in terms of its complexity – it includes running, climbing, swinging, jumping, rolling and all other movements the practitioner finds most suitable for the situation. Parkour can be practiced alone or with others and the great thing is that it can be carried out anywhere, from urban spaces to forests.

If you are ready to experience your surroundings in a new way, join us and Saša Ševo, the co-founder of Skochypstiks, for a few interesting workshops at the Festival!

But, what is Skochypstiks and who is Saša?

Skochypstiks is the first clothing brand designed for people in motion by people in motion in this area. „The word Skochy (skoči) means ‘jump!’, while ‘pstiks’ is simply a suffix added for the complexity of the word – we just wanted to make it a little harder to pronounce. Obstacles are all around us in the parkour world, aren’t they?“ – says Saša, the co-founder of the brand.

Saša’s energy and creativity comes from his passion for movement. He has been a driving force of parkour/Art Du Deplacement development in the region since 2005 and has been dedicated to inspire, teach and share the true spirit of training and movement, encouraging the sense of togetherness in the wider parkour community.

For all of you who are interested in parkour but are shy, scared or just think you would not be good at it, feel free to come and try it, we are definitely sure that Saša’s enthusiasm will change your mind and that the feeling of freedom with very soon become an addiction – a positive one, of course! J

Check out Saša and Skochypstiks at:



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