Again, we are trying to attract people with activities that will take them outside and show them the beauty of the island, so we have prepared five competitive disciplines for this year's ZOF: the Olive Island trail 5, 10 and 18 km, competitions in SUP, kayaking, speed climbing and a new discipline Fitness challenge. In addition to sports disciplines, you can also participate in interesting free workshops of yoga, SUP, sport climbing and rowing in the Dragon boat. At the same time, you don't need to worry about what the kids will do, because we have also designed a program for them with interesting sports fields - says Iva Bencun, director of the Break a leg agency.

After sports activities there is no better thing to dobut have fun with great music by the RUNDEK ECO QUARTET and a glass ofFestivalska Plavuša, from our partner - Brlog brewery. All visitors are invited tothe concert, which will start on Saturday, September 23, from 5 p.m.,regardless of whether they participated in the competition or not

The number one corporation in computer production in the world, Lenovo, is present in sports, both professional and amateur. We cooperate a lot with local communities and support an active and healthy life. We are extremely pleased to be here; because of the beauty of this region, as well as the fact that our products are synchronized with the activities that will be held in Ugljan. We have top-quality, reliable, strong and durable computers, whose characteristics are similar to those of the competitors participating in this festival. The Lenovo corporation is extremely oriented towards green activities, in the way that we try to preserve nature and promote a green and healthy life - added Mladen Skuliber, marketing manager for the CSEE region of Lenovo, the golden sponsor of this year's Zadar Outdoor Festival. 

Zadar Outdoor Festival means a lot in terms of the promotion and development of what we have been doing and what we have been trying to develop for the last 5-6 years on the island of Ugljan, namely active tourism and active vacation, so the Tourist Board of Preko and the Municipality of Preko are partners in the last five festivals and co-organizers. We are very happy to be involved in such activities, we will continue to encourage them, and this is certainly a great promotion of our island - said Ivan Košta, director of the Preko Municipality Tourist Board. They are also responsible for the top-quality food made exclusively from local ingredients, which our competitors use to fuel themselves after the competition.  

ZOF also has a humanitarian aspect and we are happy that the Dragon boat team from Zadar will join us this year, which will allow the participants to try rowing in a Dragon boat through interesting two-day workshops, and part of the income from registration fees will go to their club. The initiative to establish the Dragon boat club was started with the aim of promoting and preserving health, with a focus on women who underwent breast cancer surgery. The benefits of rowing, especially after all the therapies and procedures performed, proved to be very good, not only for the muscles of the shoulder joint and chest, but for the entire muscles of the body. In addition to physical health, mental health is also important, because Dragon boat rowing is a team sport where everyone rows "as one" - says Ana Stipčević, a member of the Zadar Dragon boat team.    

This year we have a new competitive discipline - the first ZOF FITNESS CHALLENGE by Goran Špaleta. Interesting fitness polygons will be a challenge for everyone, and they include running, jumping, moving and lifting objects and many other interesting exercises.    

Given that we are a #plasticfree festival, which takes care of nature conservation, and the island of Ugljan is known for its beautiful olives, this year we will be giving out olive seedlings for prizes to the best competitors! Also, the Zadar Outdoor Festival medals are made of wood, which is another indicator that we prioritize natural materials in our project.

Break a leg!

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