A surprise race at Zadar Outdoor Festival!

Have you ever heard of SUP? Stand Up Paddling – the name is self-explanatory. :)

Nevermind if you never heard of it and you are now Googling what is SUP or you already paddled a few times, we have a real treat for you?

Get to know SUP, the fastest growing sport in the last decade. The reason that makes SUP so attractive is because it is partly surfing and yet it is so simple that you can learn it in 20 minutes.

That exact learning + a race is organized at Zadar Outdoor Festival! Join us on the second day of the festival, on Saturday 12th of May in the bay Jazine and try and learn something new! SUPer Surfers Challenge Zadar invites you to have a SUPer day for all those interested in learning how to Stand Up Paddle. The program is appropriate for all ages, from 7 to 77. At 3 PM there will be a SUP school organized in order for you to prepare for your first race at 5 PM.

Also, all of those already in love with SUP and those who are yet to fall in love in the freedom of surfing, are provided by a special ZOF discount for all SUP boards and equipment at Surf Shop (www.surfshop.hr).