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Saturday 12.05. 10:30 h Zrmanja

Force of nature, its beauty and the route you cannot imagine – Three rivers trail is the best kept secret of Zadar’s hinterland. The place where nature takes your breath away but your legs are pushing you further towards more beautiful and more spectacular scenery.


Starigrad – Paklenica

Departure from Zadar at 08:30 am
Trail start at 10:30 am

Tour starts in small village of Muškovci/Berberi. You are progressing trough Zrmanja’s waterfalls, then switching to Krupa’s magnificent canyon all the way to hidden magic of Krnjeza. Feel the rush and be a part of mystical nature of waterfalls. Trail ends when you reach Monastery Krupa.

Trail info

Zrmanja Trail 2017

Length of the track: 14 km
Difficulty: Median
Duration: 4 - 6 hours


Male & Female, 3 places

* Award for 1st and 2nd place is not valid to use between 15th of June and 15th of September

Admission fees

Price includes: Transfer from Zadar (confirmed schedule), Team T-shirt, Basic insurance, Return to Zadar, Lunch for competitors. Prices in Euros are approximate and depend on the exchange rate

Important notice for participants

• The payment confirms the conditions of participation and the set rules and regulations

• The consumption of alcohol / drugs is strictly forbidden prior to the activity

• The management reserves the right to refuse a participant, without explanation, if he discerns any type of unsuitability (injuries, pregnancy, alcoholism, etc.).

• In case of bad weather (which endangers safety) trail will be canceled

• Each participant, without exception, should bring suitable trail equipment.

Rules and regulations