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Zadar Outdoor Festival awarded

Zadar Outdoor Festival is awarded for intiative in creating experiences and motives for travel, for guests arriving in preseason.

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Zadar Outdoor Festival 2018

Zadar Outdoor Festival 2018 announced during first press conference, 15th of November 2017. Early birds applications are open, for all adventure and active lifestlye lovers, who will have a chance to participate: Zadar Sunset Run, Zadar Sailing Reagtta, Zadar MTB Cross Country Race, Olive Island Trail, Sea Organ Swim i Kayak City Race, from 11th to 13th of May, 2018.

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Three Rivers Trail _ NEW DATE!

Dear ZOF people, nature lovers and all those who will yet discover the power of the trail! We are happy to announce that Three Rivers Trail, will be held on 20th of May 2017. Read more...

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ZOF 2017 - MTB Cross County Race Photos

Dear ZOF people, in case you already haven't seen, photos of the first MTB Cross Country Race, during the Zadar Outdoor Festival are now online, on our Facebook page: #Zof2017 #ZofCycling #YourAdventurePlayground 30.04.2017. Photo: Nas2kupa

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ZOF 2017 - Kayak City Race Photos

Dear Zof people, we know you were hardly waiting to see yourselves on the photos taken during the most beautiful kayak city race, you have ever done. Proudly, we would like to inform you that photos are now online on our facebook page. Link: As much as you like to see what we have captured, we want to see your moments, shared on social media along with hashtags: #Zof2017 #ZofKayak #YourAdventurePlayground See you next year!

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ZOF 2017 - Zadar Sunset Run Photos

Dear Zof people, photos of the very first Zadar Outdoor Festival's Zadar Sunset Run, can be found on our Facebook Page Feel free to tag, share and comment. We are looking forward seeing your moments captured and posted with hashtags: #Zof2017 #ZofRun #YourAdventurePlayground!

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ZOF Photos & Videos

Dear ZOF people, first Zadar Outdoor Festival is (almost) behind us. While we are collecting and soon posting photos on our social media, feel free to share moments you captured during festival using hashtags: #zof2017 #YourAdventurePlayground #ZofRun #ZofBike #ZofRafting #ZofKayak #ZofHighline #ZofSlackline #ZofYoga #ZofParkour #ZofSUP Looking forward seeing you next year!

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Sailing regatta is CANCELLED

LAST NOTICE (26.04.2017. at 10:15) – Organizer announces that the ZOF sailing regatta is CANCELLED due to unfavorable weather forecast.

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Possibility of cancellation of the sailing regatta

There is a realistic possibility that we will be forced to cancel the sailing regatta scheduled for Thursday, April 27th, due to the announcement of the strong south wind. We are still hoping that this will not happen.

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Sea Organ Swim - cancelled due to weather

We are truly sad to inform you that "Sea Organ Swim" marathon is cancelled due to weather. Please accept sincere apologies if this causes any inconvenience for you. Beside us, weather also disappointed our Citizens who were excited to participate swimming marathon from the most beautiful seaside promenade and in the crystal clear sea of Zadar, proudly sharing all the experience with their friends from all over the Europe. Next year, we hope the weather will be on our side.

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