Facebook contest rules „Giveaway ZOF TBT“

Zadar Outdoor Festival

Zadar, 28.01.2020.

Article 1

These Rules govern the procedure and terms of participation in the Facebook "Giveaway ZOF TBT" contest (hereinafter: Facebook Contest), organized by Zadar Outdoor d.o.o., Matije Gupca 2a, Zadar, 23000, OIB (PIN): 438729965582 (hereinafter: Promoter).

This contest is in no way sponsored or promoted by Facebook or Instagram, nor associated with Facebook or Instagram.

Article 2 

This contest will last for four (4) months, from Tuesday, January 28th 2020 until Friday, April 10th2020, and is planned in a way that one winner will be chosen every month. Participants will comment below our photo album and will tag the person they want to bring with them at that Zadar Outdoor Festival discipline (Zadar sunset run, Olive island trail, Kayak Cityrace, SUP race).

Article 3

All adult natural persons, except for employees of the Promoter and related companies, as well as members of their families (parents, spouses, children, sisters and brothers), are allowed to participate in this Contest (hereinafter: Participants).

The Facebook Contest consists of four (4) tasks divided into four (4) rounds of prize competition with a total duration from Tuesday, January 28th, 2020 to Friday, April,10th 2020, 11 pm.

For each round of the Contest one (1) winner will be selected; or for each task the most creative comment will be selected, which is a total of four (4) winners and four (4) comments. The winner who wins the prize in any round of the Contest is not entitled to continue participation in the remaining Contest.

Each of the four (4) winners wins two (2) registration fees for the ZOF discipline in connection with which the Contest was held that day.

The prize cannot be exchanged for money or services.

Article 4

The winners of the Facebook contest will be selected by an expert jury of the Promoter, consisting of three (3) members.

By selecting the winning comment in each round of the Contest, the Promoter will announce the winner in a special announcement in an Facebook post.

The Promoter will contact the winner via Facebook Messenger and inform him how to take over the prize. The Promoter of the Contest does not bear the travel costs for winners to the destination where they will use their prize "Giveaway ZOF TBT", regardless of the place or the country the winner is coming from.

The winner is obliged to provide personal information (name, surname, date of birth and contact number) within ten (10) days of receiving the award, in accordance with the instructions received for the purpose of delivering the prize.

The Promoter is obliged to send a confirmation of the prize to the winners, e-mail confirmation of the approved free fee registration, until May 1st 2020.

Article 5

The Promoter reserves the right at anytime to disqualify the registered Participants if:

1. the Participants are in violation of these Terms and Conditions

2. the Participants act in contravention of the Platform Rules provided by Facebook Ireland ltd.

Article 6

By participating in this Contest, the Participants agree that the Promoter will process their submitted personal information (name, surname, date of birth and contact number) and only those data necessary for access to this Contest and award realization. The Promoter guarantees the protection of personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. The Promoter will process these personal data exclusively for the purpose of implementing this Contest (selection of winners, awarding, prize notification).

Article 7

The Promoter, as well as legal persons who perform the activities related to the implementation of the Facebook Contest on behalf of the Promoter, shall not be responsible for:

- any consequences arising from misuse of the Facebook Contest conditions by the Participants, i.e.competitors or third parties,

- (non) functioning Facebook fan site dedicated to this event, due to technical problems of the platform,

- (non) accuracy of information sent by the Participant or contestants in the Facebook Contest.

Article 8

The Promoter reserves the right to change the rules and conditions of participation in the Facebook Contest.

Article 9

The Contest Rules will be published on the Promoter’s website.